Sunday, November 18, 2012


The weather and my health finally both cooperated with my 21 Boxes photography project.  Friday was a beautifully sunny day.  I felt good enough to actually get out of the house.  I got a bit overly enthusiastic and photographed several boxes.

6.  Court & Aurora
Artist: Shira Evergreen

I love the minimalism of this one!  The silver parts are unpainted metal.


As you can see the artist painted the title "Renewbot" across the top.

These windmills on the back indicate that Renewbot probably supports renewable energy.  The white patch toward the bottom is a sticker advertising a website about renewable energy.

Despite it's minimalistic nature this mural has some great detail.  Here you can see a power level meter and some sort of panel with wires.

In short, this is a great classic robot with sweet minimalist appeal.

You can find information about the artist and her myriad of activities at

Next Update: Alchemy

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